About Mistress Penny Leathers

Lincs Mistress

Lincolnshire Dominatrix Penny Leathers

Firstly, I’m a professional Dominatrix

I do not offer sexual services.

If you’ve always fantasized about being tied up and spanked by a luscious Domme dressed up in a corset pulled tightly around her body, skin tight, figure hugging trousers and long leather high heeled boots…… then make it a reality. Let me know what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. I can guarantee you an extremely pleasurable time.

If you’re a sub then you might want to check out my dominating style and imagine all the tingles you’ll get with just a few good spanks. Prep up for a night (or day) to remember!

That woman you’ve been dreaming about. The one with a steel gaze and a firm grasp is me.


Spalding Lincs Mistress

You never know how far you can go if you refuse to get outside of your comfort zone. You will also never learn how to enjoy yourself to the fullest if you don’t indulge in the pleasures of BDSM every now and then. If you’re new to the world of BDSM practices, then let me mentor you and show you the way. You’ll get introduced to everything related to bondage and discipline, as well as role play.

I live just outside of Peterborough, so can accommodate in my well equipped little playrooms, I always use safe calls so people know I’m ok. My family know about my alternative lifestyle but I know not everyone can be as open, so use total discretion.

I thoroughly enjoy bringing naughty boys, bratty subs, and disrespectful slaves to their bony knees and will make sure they learn their lessons.


If you think you’re worthy of my time to discipline you then you should send me an intelligently worded email, or call me explaining why you think you deserve my time and effort. Do you understand?